JAMAICA - The Jewel of the African Diaspora

Though smaller than the smallest U.S. state, Jamaica has had a greater impact on world culture than most nations hundreds of times its size. The revolutionary language of much of its popular music, and the international phenomenon of Rastafari have globalized Jamaica in unprecedented ways. This inordinate cultural richness comes out of "a densely compacted history that contains every movement of consequence in the western hemisphere: native societies devastated by European conquest; the extermination of aboriginal people and their replacement by African slaves; the long sleep of colonialism and the slow, painful awakening into the struggle for nationhood." Even today, though Jamaica has been nominally independent for over thirty years, the island struggles with the neo-colonialisms of un-payable debt to international lending bodies, competition in the world marketplace, the conventional tourism industry, extreme internal class divisions and political conflict, quest for identity, and more. Despite these ongoing struggles, however, Jamaican people and culture continue their vibrant history of creativity and militancy, and the world continues to listen & visit.

 Whether you're visiting Great Huts for relaxation and sun or for cultural tourism, you'll notice Great Huts' commitment to detail.
Great Huts embraces the local culture of Jamaica and her African roots with enthusiasm. Throughout the resort, you will find authentically crafted works of art made by  Jamaican sculptors, woodcarvers, clay-potters, and painters.
Please do enjoy our DVDs and books on art, history and culture.
Great Huts can serve as your gateway to Afro-Caribbean attractions and destinations near Port Antonio.


Jamaican sculputures



Mother Farika

Everald-Brown Painting

For additional paintings by the late Everald Brown and his daughters, call Rebecca Brown at  1-876-372-8696.

For more information about Everald Brown and many other Jamaican artists contact Ms. Gilou Bauer, and visit the Mutual Life Gallery. Tel. 876-929-4302

Also please contact and visit the National Gallery of Jamaica. Tel: 876-922-1561 or 876-922-8540

Reference: "Jamaican Art - An overview - with a focus on fifty artists" Kingston Publishers Limited

Other resources:

Institute of Jamaica

University of the West Indies

The Bob Marley Foundation




Great Huts - March 2008  “Cinema Paradise - Jamaica Film Lovers’ Retreat”   thanks to Dr Terri Francis
Featuring: Earl Chinna Smith, Guitar  - Kiddus I, Vocals - Derajah, Percussionist -   
photos by Alain Hottat





Cultural Director and Fashion Designer (AYA WEAR)  Arlene Passley with Nana Farika (Culture and History Consultant)



konshens and darrio "hooked on you"
(Music video filmed fully at our resort)




“Rico”. October 2009 Art Exibition at Great Huts. You can see more about Rico on Facebook and Flickr at

Great Huts, african village in Port Antonio  Jamaica